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Thread: Using a FortiMail appliance as the email server

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    Using a FortiMail appliance as the email server

    I know this is possible but is it recommended? I am assuming that if I am just using the appliance as a security device and offloading the email server part to another device, this would tend to keep the fortimail running as efficiently as possible. This being said, many of my customers may only have between 2 to 15 email accounts. If the workload is this light (and only using a single domain), would it really matter? I assume that ifDdrive space becomes a long-term issue, I can always relocate the email data to a NAS device (I have the ability to have HA on the Synology NAS units I'm using if that level of fault-tolerance is needed). Your thoughts?
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    I prefer to just use it as the pass through device for my exchange servers. It does the job fine but the exchange server will always do it better. That being said, on a small domain with very few users it probably won't make a difference for you from a load standpoint. The feature set that comes with exchange or whatever mail system you normally use will be the main difference.

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