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Thread: SSL-DPI = Bane of my Existence!

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    SSL-DPI = Bane of my Existence!

    Anyone else have are really hard time with SSL-DPI with applications such as but not limited to Dropbox, MS S4B (Skype for Business), WebEx, GotoMeeting, OMG APPLE!... I spent the last few days writing a rather large custom configuration script that creates the address book objects (FQDNS and *Wildcards) and associated Address Grps. I was thinking about sharing it for other unfortunate souls like me who struggle with SSL-DPI..

    This file is written for FortiOS 5.2.9, but will work in 5.4.1 however the "set color #" will be green instead of "Red' for 5.4.1; also 5.4.1 will convert the wildcards from "set FQDN" to "set wildcard-FQDN" automatically.

    Even though I use our Domain CA Cert from our Trusted Domain CA, applications like Dropbox/WebEx/GotoMeeting etc. do not trust it... so.. it breaks... To get around this problem, I've discovered that exceptions MUST be made in order for these apps to work.

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    I know one thing. I hate anything driven by FQDN. Almost always gives me a hard time.

    Some apps def have to have exceptions made. They are just smarter than others when it comes to knowing the proper cert isn't in place.

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