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So, I'm in the process of spinning up my shinny new FortiAuth VMs and would like to put them in an HA/LB-Cluster.. Documentation - CHECK
Licensing Sync between HA/LB: Documentation - Vague at best and doesn't really exist or provide details.

However, I am hesitant to apply my FAC licenses to any of my VMs due to my lack of understanding how Licensing works in a HA/LB configuration..
Do I or should I load all my FAC licenses on one box, then hope they sync between the two? Do I need to split my FAC licenses between them? What if one of the boxes fails and the LB/Slave takes over as primary? Will it inherit the licenses from the LB/Master? Will the FortiMobile Token licenses sync between the Two FACs?

Any guidance on this matter is much appreciated!

BTWS: FAC-OS-4.1.2

Thank you in advance!