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Thread: FAC HA/Load Balance and Licensing Question

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    Question FAC HA/Load Balance and Licensing Question

    DISCLOSURE: I also posted the below question on Fortinet's Forums as well

    So, I'm in the process of spinning up my shinny new FortiAuth VMs and would like to put them in an HA/LB-Cluster.. Documentation - CHECK
    Licensing Sync between HA/LB: Documentation - Vague at best and doesn't really exist or provide details.

    However, I am hesitant to apply my FAC licenses to any of my VMs due to my lack of understanding how Licensing works in a HA/LB configuration..
    Do I or should I load all my FAC licenses on one box, then hope they sync between the two? Do I need to split my FAC licenses between them? What if one of the boxes fails and the LB/Slave takes over as primary? Will it inherit the licenses from the LB/Master? Will the FortiMobile Token licenses sync between the Two FACs?

    Any guidance on this matter is much appreciated!

    BTWS: FAC-OS-4.1.2

    Thank you in advance!

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    I do know that i haven't had super great experiences with the FAC and HA configurations (it may just be me but I tend to break them badly).

    For HA on the FAC I would look at things like the hypervisor supported HA for the VM itself. That's just my personal preference though.

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    Figured out my plan.. basically purchase the licenses needed for 1 FAC x2 in the event of a failure to handle my VPN authentications and FSSO users. Sounds a bit rash/harsh to be forced to purchase that many licenses.. they should just "Sync" between each other in my opinion.. I mean.. that was ACS/ISE does I think..... just say'n...

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    run them both at the same time and let HA do the heavy lifting IMO. I think the later versions of the FAC have improved the HA behavior a lot. I have had a few split brain issues but otherwise it does pretty decent.

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