Hello there.

We just replaced our Dell N series switches with 4 248E-FPOE switches. It is cabled in a ring and connected to x1 & x2 on a 100F. Iím experiencing a couple of problems that I canít seem to figure out.

1. The fortilink interface on the 100F remains down, even with the 4 switches connected to it via SFP cables to x1 & x2, yet we have internet so I know the traffic is going through that interface. If you go to WiFi & Switch Controller | Managed FortiSwitch, itís constantly scanning and never stops, even if you reboot the 100F. If you manually add a switch using as S/N, it just adds it and itís in an offline state. I do have the fortilink interface set to auto authorize & split interface is enabled.
2. As soon as I set the switches to FortiLink managed, we lose internet and it never comes back and I canít reach our firewall without connecting to the MGMT interface. The only way to get the internet back is to reset the switches to locally managed via console cable, which makes them not operate as a stack.

FortiNet support wonít help since itís a new setup, theyíd rather me pay someone to come connect them than offer assistance. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance.