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Thread: FortiSwitch 108E

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    FortiSwitch 108E

    Hey there,
    I am looking at adding a FortiSwitch 108E to my home network. I currently run a little FortiGate 30E. My goal is to have a design as follows, do you see any issues or limitations I may run into?

    High Level Overview
    Modem <--> FortiGate <--> FortiSwitch (w/ link aggregration or redundant port)

    FortiGate w/ active Fortiguard and Deep Packet Inspection

    FortiSwitch Overview - Excluding Fortigate
    FortiSwitch physical connections are : ASUS Router for Wifi; Linksys Switch 1gb wired to living room; 2 gaming PCs; 1 server (host w/ two virtuals - DNS, DHCP, GPO, AD, File & Mail Server)

    Segmentation (VLANs)
    VLAN XX - Core Network
    VLAN YY - Living Room
    VLAN ZZ - ASUS Router (WiFi only)
    VLAN AA - Gaming PCs
    VLAN GG - Servers

    The weight obviously mostly pulling from the switch and FortiGate handling the VLANs.

    Thoughts? Considerations?

    There are primarily 1-2 active persons on the network on a "usual" basic. In a month 33% of the time all three actively using the network. Streaming services the most heavily noted traffic.

    It's my first time posting so if this should go in a different forum please let me know.

    Thank you,

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    Well, I pulled the trigger and purchased the 108E. It appears this would do all my needs with handling the layer 3 portion of the traffic on the Fortigate.


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    Sorry, the forums haven't been very active. Let me know how your purchase went. Work is slowing down so I have more time to follow up.

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