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Thread: IPSec VPN Issues after upgrading

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    IPSec VPN Issues after upgrading

    Intern upgraded a client too 5.2.8 today and now they are experiencing IPSec VPN tunnels flapping. The monitor never shows them as down it is just annoying. Don't believe the intern followed the proper stepping for the process which is frustrating as shit but mistakes happen. Either way, the tunnels show up on the monitor and the tunnels can pass traffic ever so briefly. Then it just dies (but still shows as up).

    Anyone else ever experience this particular issue?

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    IPSec VPN Issues after upgrading

    Im using windows 10, set up a connection for l2tp ipsec, when a connection error 789 vpn? How to fix it. Thank you.

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    Sorry for the delayed response. I was at the Fortinet XTREME USA event. Can you post a screenshot of the exact error you are seeing?

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