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    Feature Request

    Fortinet needs to make it to where you are unable to upgrade to a new firmware unless it is a supported upgrade path. IE, going from 5.2.3 to 5.2.6 is not supported and causes weird things to happen. Thus, the FortiOS should prevent that from being possible.

    Had an intern nuke something today and it is causing me a headache.

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    Ageed!!! I am hypersensitive in triple checking this as my team does not have the skillset to fix this type of issue without calling tech support.
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    Most all high end mother boards for the last five years have come with dual BIOS's. It makes me think that Fortinet could take a page from the MB book and have two for both support of upgrade path with no downtime and simplify migration to more recent firmware, if anything support great feature sets for clients who have to make several jumps where some policy adjustments may be necessary.

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