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Thread: FortiGuard Services Expired

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    FortiGuard Services Expired

    If your FortiGuard services are expiring and for SOME reason you aren't going to sure that "allow site on rating error" is checked so that services will continue. You will get to utilize whatever is local to the box from a web filter standpoint and it will allow whatever items aren't in there thanks to the rating error being allowed to pass.

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    Will this affect all UTM services or just a few such as URL and content filtering as an example?
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    It affects every UTM related service. The DB's that you have on the device will be the newest that you can process your traffic through. Obviously, the best option is to renew the service (it is SOOO worth it)...but if the budget took a hit or some acts of nature out of your control occur to where you can't and have to postpone the renewal... this is a good stop gap.

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    Web filtering and DNS reputation are cloud based, so FortiGuard is required for both. I'm thinking there's one more service that also doesn't work without active FortiGuard, but can't think of it off the top of my head.

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